View THE STING I spent 3 months setting up a sting on a new give away hopeless slow, unfit greyhound, but never beaten out of the boxes. First I raced him unfit over a longer distance to get 88888 in the form guide in 2 weeks. Then set up a huge sting because then the form guides took a week to update. 1976 I said to myself, what if I could race him with 88888 in the race book on Thursday - Saturday 88888 and Monday 88888 and get 15/1 every start? Thursday 440m was a risk bet but I unloaded at 15/1 each way and 8's concession and 3 a place - runs a great second - profit Saturday 366m - 12/1 into 9/4 and wins x 3 Monday 400m - 15/1 into 5/2 and wins x 2 The race book should of said 888882-1-1 but I got 88888 Nothing betting than going home 3 times in one week with bulging pockets full of cash! The good old days.
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28.8 Post RacePosted: 66 days ago

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